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Sharing New Books by Great Indie Authors


Welcome to my little library! 

Having been a Chef, my source of creativity stemmed from other restaurants around me. In order for me to create new dishes, I loved dining at new places and enjoying the cuisine. Of course, I purchased cookbooks, watched my favorite Chefs and such. Echoing this process, I have that same philosophy as a writer today. My inspiration comes from appreciating other author’s books.


I have always been an avid reader. And I just about read anything. I do curtail my reading lists to suspense, thriller and horror books: Yes, I do enjoy the occasional romance, sci-fi and even fantasy books from time to time. Even some non-fiction! Reading is my escape where the author carries me into another world of discovery. As a writer, I appreciate the technical aspect of the book: How the chapters are laid out, how the story systemically unfolds and the book cover.


I share with you what I read because I hope you too will discover new worlds as well. Will I read the big New York Bestsellers people? Yes, but I won’t put them on here. They are already getting enough accolades…they don’t need anymore. 

I will be sharing with you some indie writers worth mentioning. If you follow me on Twitter, I am firm believer of retweeting new books and authors to the world. As a result, I have discovered some quite influential, surprising and well written novels! Even better than some of the NYT Bestsellers.

Thus, I will share with you my review of the book along with its book cover and link to purchase. 

Enjoy reading some new authors!



Red Ground: The Forgotten Conflict

 A truly suspenseful story! In the war torn world of Central Africa, a  ruthless brutal general is determined to dominate the land any way  possible. Fry brings to life a dark, seemingly realistic story through  strongly developed characters and graphic descriptions. Frankly, while  this is a fictional piece, it could be pulled from current headlines. I  was hooked from the first page and couldn’t put Fry’s grisly, fast paced  thriller down. Brilliant work!     


Last Fall's Hunted: The Last Cold Case #2

  The suspense just ramps up! What a great follow up in the  series. The descriptions are impeccable, the dialogue is crisp and the  story takes on a new life. Most interestingly, LaBeff evolves the  characters into a deeper, darker direction which were caused by the  after effects of the first book. In fact, the main character, Rachael,  becomes even more strung out while attempting to finding the sinister  killer who has malevolent agenda. It is this unique dynamic brings forth  the true mystical element  of the story itself, which is a wonderful backdrop to everything else  that takes place. It is a beautifully done yet subtle segue for the next  one. Yep no spoilers here because you need to pick up LaBeff’s series.  Can not wait for the next one!         


In the Dark

Sensational quick read! With a series of vignettes, the reader will  become encapsulated in well-developed characters’ lives. Because of  this, Perez’s skillful and artful writing transcends the reader into  macabre places of humanity and to an edge of true darkness. More so, the  well-written, eloquent stories allows the reader to briefly peer into  another malevolent world on another dimension. What a great short story  novella!  



The Weight of Shadows

Absolutely brilliant! This chilling fast-paced novel set mainly in  London takes the reader on a whirlwind of a ride spanning a short period  of time. Cleverly, Holton develops a handful of believable secondary  characters that support  the two engaging and strong main characters. Thus, The Weight of  Shadows is a fantastic character driven book which makes the incredible  storyline both darkly and sublimely realistic to the bitter end! Can’t  wait for Hilton’s follow up book!    



A fast-paced twisted horror novel about the bourgeoning of a major  apocalypse caused by a major virus outbreak. Yet the surprising side  effect creates savage zombie canine to attack, maul and dismember  humans. Pinned on survival,  the story surrounds itself on two brothers in their own hellish worlds  desperate to find each other while fighting off the undead dogs and  seeing their loved ones succumb to the deadly virus. Great action, horrific scenes and credible characters allow Douglas to revamp the zombie genre to another level.    


Femme Fatale

Seriously, you have to read this one! A fantastic intensely provocative  novel about a private investigator on a case about a questionable  missing person. As the story unfolds, a series of unusual leads takes  the PI into another sinister directions. Being set in London, Piper’s  writing, descriptions & brilliant protagonist makes the novel  credible and beautifully realistic. Can’t wait to read more books by  Piper...excellent job!